5 reasons high net worth insurance can turn out to be a gift at Christmas

Posted on: 13 December 2016

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It’s December. We’re all busy. But there is no time like the present to ensure clients have the most suitable policy for their needs. In fact, the festive season is a great opportunity for brokers to remind clients why high quality household insurance is worth its weight in gold. We’ve wrapped up 5 good reasons why high net worth household insurance can turn out to be a gift at Christmas…

New acquisitions

When giving and receiving valuable gifts on Christmas day, not many people are thinking about whether or not the gift is insured. So it’s reassuring to know, if a newly acquired item did get lost, damaged or stolen before being listed on a customers’ high net worth policy; the costs needn’t snowball, it’s covered.

Guests’ personal effects

High net worth policyholders and their visitors can have extra peace of mind at Christmas; even the guests’ personal effects are covered on a policy with all the trimmings.

Food in freezers and fridges

A fridge/ freezer failure at Christmas will always be dispiriting, especially if festive food is lost. However, at least it’s a small comfort if the expense of the spoilt food can be reclaimed. All the more reason for stocking up.

Hired in equipment

Hired equipment like marquees, are even covered as part of the package on the very top-end of high net worth policies. Wealthy clients who host large New Year parties at their homes should know; if they’re legally responsible for equipment, it’s covered.


At this time of year, householders are likely to have more cash at home than usual. So it’s good to know money is covered– up to as much as £5,000 on an ultra-high net worth policy.


The growing number of well-off individuals in the UK presents an opportunity for personal lines brokers. Especially as underinsurance remains a problem in our market. Brokers are well-placed to help customers understand how the proof is in the pudding when it comes to insurance. And in all seriousness, examples like this can really help to illustrate the benefits of a high net worth policy. The customers that need it should be getting the benefit of a better claims service, with dedicated handlers and a breadth of cover that would simply not be available on a standard household wording.

At Home & Legacy it is our New Year’s resolution to continue to make it easier to access policies that suit a busy, wealthy lifestyle. Getting competitive quotes for well-off customers is becoming more straightforward. Home & Legacy’s new online trading facility is one efficient way for brokers to get a range of high net worth quotes and even take out policies online.