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Posted on: 22 October 2020

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Customer documentation available securely via Home & Legacy Online, with new Document Portal

We are pleased to advise that from Monday 26th October 2020 your customers’ policy documentation will be available for you to download from our new secure ‘Document Portal’ via Home & Legacy Online.

This latest improvement to our online functionality follows on from the launch of the weekly renewal reminder bulletin email and is in line with our aim to continually improve transactional efficiency.

Accessing the ‘Document Portal’

Our new Document Portal is designed to give you convenient access to your customers’ quote, new business, renewal and mid-term adjustment documentation (Schedules, Statement of Facts, IPIDs and policy wordings).

Once logged in to Home & Legacy Online, simply click the new Document Portal icon and search for your customer. Once you’ve located their record, all of the documentation we have published is available to view and download.

Following the launch of the Document Portal on Monday, we will initially continue to send your customers’ documentation to you by email, as we do currently, but a further change is planned at the end of the year.

From 1st January 2021 we intend to stop sending this documentation by email, so from then it will available for your access solely via the Home & Legacy Online Document Portal. We’ll ensure you do not miss any communication from us by sending a notification email to alert you whenever new customer documentation is available to view and download from the Portal.

We are making this change for your convenience - enabling you to access the correct customer documents all in one place. Plus a portal is a more secure method for the transmission of customer information.

Preparing for the Document Portal change

  1. Please make sure all individuals at your brokerage who will require access to the customer documentation via your online account can log in to Home & Legacy Online. Log ins can be requested by emailing
  2. Ensure you have informed us and continue to inform us whenever individuals who have logins to your account no longer require their access (e.g. when they leave your employment or change their job role). That way, we can deactivate them from our system to protect the security of your customers’ information. There is a contractual requirement for you to inform us of these changes as we set out within our Terms of Business Agreement (ToBA)
  3. Please contact us if any sub agent(s) you work with have any individuals who currently log in to Home & Legacy Online via your agency account. We’d like to discuss their future options with you to ensure the protection of your customers’ information.

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Please let one of our Business Development Managers know if you have any queries or feedback on our new Document Portal.