Home & Legacy launches online claims service

Posted on: 15 August 2019

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We are pleased to announce we have added claims to Home & Legacy Online, following broker feedback.

What's new?

  • Report household claims online 24/7 on Home & Legacy Online
  • Out of hours loss adjuster instruction where necessary
  • Save time calling - check claims status online
  • Policyholders can also report household claims online at www.homeandlegacy.co.uk/claims
  • Automatic broker email notifications when policyholders report online 

Watch a video about the key highlights of claims online

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Online household claims reporting

Our new online claims service is offered in addition to our existing channels. You can still deal with our claims team over the phone and via email.

We developed our online household claims service following broker research which found 90% of brokers would find a claims reporting portal helpful.

Over 99% of claims we see can be reported via the portal.

We only ask relevant questions per claim type, to keep the process logical and dynamic.

Staying informed

You told us how important it is for brokers to be kept informed in the claims process, so your brokerage will be notified automatically by email when a policyholder makes a claim on the portal.

Plus, if you need to check on the progress of a claim, Home & Legacy Online now shows claims information, such as the details and date of the last action, the current status of a claim, the handler details and the notification and settlement dates.

Head of claims, Andrew Reid

Home & Legacy's head of claims, Andrew Reid said:

"We listened to broker feedback which demonstrated there is a real appetite to report and track the status of claims online. I am delighted we can now offer even more choice in how our customers and brokers can communicate with us about a claim. Our broker research also found 40% of brokers were unsure whether insurance providers could be using technology more effectively to handle claims, which shows there is an opportunity to differentiate ourselves in this area."

Managing director, Barry O'Neill

Home & Legacy's managing director, Barry O'Neill said:

"When we launched e-trading on Home & Legacy Online and improved transactional efficiency. We saw first-hand how much more our expert staff were able to do in other areas such as complex underwriting or providing even better service. Naturally, we wanted to apply the same sort of innovation in claims to deliver added value for brokers and their customers."


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