Important: Home & Legacy policy wording updates - February 2019

Posted on: 11 December 2018

Image of a diamond ring

Jewellery & watches/ fine art & antiques

From 1st February 2019, the declared unspecified values for jewellery & watches and fine art & antiques will become the policy limits under those sections.

There is no change to the single article limits on any of our products. Our schedules are changing accordingly.

It is very important that customers correctly disclose the relevant sums insured under these sections to ensure they have adequate cover in place. For customers, having accurate sums insured listed on their household insurance policy schedule is essential to avoid underinsurance. 


As drones grow in popularity, particularly among wealthier clients, we have amended our wordings to include an element of cover for them. We will provide cover for loss or damage to drones, while in a building at the home - e.g. damage during a house fire.  

No cover will apply if the drone is lost or damaged while it is being used. Liability arising from the use of drones will not be covered.

Alternative Accommodation - Ultra Home

Alternative Accommodation on Ultra Home is increasing from 2 to 3 years under both the buildings and contents sections. 

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Image of a car bonnet and headlight

Home & Legacy motor insurance wording updates

There are a number of updates to our Ultimate Motor policy wording, including:

  • Glass repair can now be carried out by any chosen supplier on the same basis/ cover level as a Home & Legacy approved supplier.
  • Loss of vehicle tax cover is removed following the abolition of the car tax disc.
  • Some words have been changed for clarity - e.g. 'hire car' to 'courtesy car'. Various contact details are updated on both Ultimate Motor and Premier Motor.

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