Posted on: 12 June 2013

Building work


The high net worth market is constantly changing, so it's essential for us to respond accordingly and make sure our products meet your customers' needs. The following improvements will be effective on all Home & Legacy home insurance policies incepted from Monday 1st July and fall under three main categories:

  • Simplified structure
  • Enhanced benefits
  • New product: Ultimate Home


The main improvement you'll experience is we no longer have separate sections for unspecified jewellery, watches, unspecified fine art, antiques and unspecified furs & guns. Instead, the unspecified items; will all be covered under general contents. This simplification provides your customers with a more flexible, less limiting home contents insurance. But it's worth noting, that since fine art is now covered under general contents, the policy excess applies. At quotation stage we still encourage you to provide a break down of the unspecified contents in respect of jewellery, watches, fine art, antiques and furs & guns because having this information will help us to provide the most competitive rates for your customers.

You will also notice liability cover is now all contained within one section, on Prestige Home the cover has increased to £5m and on Ultra Home to £10m. 

And since we were improving the structure, we've taken the opportunity to improve the appearance; our wordings have been given a new "look and feel".


What was once 'Part E' (Family Legal Protection, Identity Fraud and Emergency Property Assistance) has been replaced with three new Sections - 4, 5 & 6. We've significantly improved these to a market leading level so your customers will benefit from even better cover and additional services.

Section 4 - Identity Fraud Detection & Assistance Service

Policyholders gain access to Experian's ProtectMyID, an identity and online fraud protection service. Benefits include; a 24 hour online personal data monitoring and alert service, a credit report monitoring and alert service, a personal victim of fraud case worker, a confidential helpline and unlimited access to your Experian credit report.

Section 5 - Legal Protection

Policyholders get the benefit of a newly developed legal services and insurance package arranged by Allianz Legal Protection. Advantages include an Annual Legal Health Check to assess the policyholder's legal well-being, as well as legal advice and support from professionally qualified solicitors. Additionally, an online legal services portal allows policyholders to produce over 150 legal documents including wills, tenancy agreements and powers of attorney.

Section 6 - Home Emergency Assistance

The provider of our Home Emergency Cover has changed; it is now Allianz Global Assistance. The cover is improved, the emergency labour and call out limit is now £1,000 on Ultra Home and £500 on Prestige Home (it is £1,000 on the new Ultimate Home product). The cover now also includes the removal of vermin.


Ultimate Home is our new, flagship home insurance to cater for the needs of customers at the very top end of the high net worth market. It has a similar structure to Prestige Home & Ultra Home but we looked at the equivalent products offered by our competitors to make sure that the limits and covers offered by Ultimate Home are truly market leading. 

  • Alternative Accommodation - 5 years
  • £10m Liability Cover
  • Unlimited cover for Guests' Personal Effects
  • Risk Management Fund included up to £5,000 following loss as a result of flood or escape of water
  • Marquees (and any other hired in equipment) cover up to £50,000 
  • Unfixed Building Materials within the boundaries of the home £100,000 
  • Guaranteed Rebuilding Cost extension available
  • Single Article Limit jewellery & watches and fine art, antiques & collectables both set at £25,000
  • New Acquisitions up to 90 days

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