Home & Legacy placed in Top 5 for broker service

Posted on: 06 December 2013

Insurance Times has published the results of its 2013 Broker Service Survey and we are pleased to report that this year Home & Legacy's score on the personal lines survey has risen to 4.17 out of 5 compared to 3.73 last year. This ranks us in 5th position. The top five consists of the leading providers of high net worth insurance in the UK market and we are also pleased to report we are the most improved of that group.

broker service survey

Our ranking in the Insurance Times survey is similar to our recent nomination in the Underwriting Service Awards in that it's based directly on responses from the brokers who work with us, so we'd like to thank you for your ongoing support and positive feedback.

Providing the best service we can is extremely important to us and as a business, we take our brokers' opinions very seriously. A lot of our major decisions are based directly on your constructive suggestions. For example, the restructure of our underwriting services teams as well as the refresh of our home insurance products earlier this year.

We are currently awaiting the results of an independent broker satisfaction survey carried out by Network Research so thank you if you recently participated in that as well. We're looking forward to responding to the learnings from that - both positive feedback and further areas for improvement.

If you do have anything you'd like to share with us, please email us any time at feedback@homeandlegacy.co.uk

Thank you very much for your continued support and we look forward to working with you in 2014.

Barry O'Neill
Managing Director