Landlord's Legal Expenses

This specialist, standalone annual policy is designed to assist landlords letting residential property with the costs they could incur, to take or defend legal action when a tenant fails to pay their rent or breaches terms of the tenancy agreement. 

Landlord's Legal Expenses provides total cover of  £100,000 for any one claim /period of insurance.

Costs up to £60,000:

  • To evict the tenant (includes when rent is not paid, anti-social behaviour)
  • To assist recovery of unpaid rent
  • To obtain damages or legal remedy for property disputes (includes breach of tenancy terms,  damage, nuisance, rights of way)
  • To assist with health & safety defence or tax disputes related to the property


  • Assistance with the cost of alternative accommodation up to £1,500 while trying to gain possession of the property
  • Access to a legal helpline for advice on general UK law, tax or health and safety matters in the UK.

This policy is best suited to those already covered by separate landlord's buildings and contents insurance. If your client is looking for a more inclusive policy, Home & Legacy's Ultra Landlord automatically includes the same specialist landlord's legal expenses cover, a top level of buildings and contents cover and a host of optional extras including rent protection cover.

If your client also wants assistance with their rent if the tenant fails to pay in addition to cover for legal expenses, they might want to consider Home & Legacy’s annual Landlord’s Rent & Legal Protection.

As with all insurance policies, Landlord's Legal Expenses is subject to terms & conditions fully detailed in the policy wording.

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