Landlord Rent & Legal

This specialist standalone policy offers assistance with landlord legal expenses, such as eviction costs or recovery of unpaid rent, as well as protection against the loss of landlord's rental income if a tenant defaults on their payments. Landlord's Rent & Legal Protection provides cover  up to £60,000:

  • To recover possession of a property if the tenant fails to vacate at the end of the tenancy
  • To assist recovery of unpaid rent
  • To pursue the tenant for disputes over damage to the landlord's property
  • For defence costs if action is being taken against the landlord by the tenant
  • To evict squatters from the landlord's property
  • To assist with health & safety or tax disputes related to the landlord's property


  • Up to 12 months rent paid if the tenant defaults on their rental payments
  • Once vacant possession is obtained 75% of the monthly rent will be paid for up to two further months whilst the landlord finds a new tenant
  • Assistance with the cost of alternative accommodation for up to 30 days while trying to gain possession of the property
  • Access to a legal helpline for advice on tenancy related matters

This policy is best suited to those already covered by separate landlord's buildings and contents insurance. If your client is looking for a more inclusive policy, Home & Legacy's Ultra Landlord auotmatically includes specialist landlord's legal expenses cover, a top level of buildings and contents cover and a host of optional extras, including the option to include rent default protection.

As with all insurance policies, Landlord’s Rent & Legal Protection is subject to terms & conditions fully detailed in the policy wording.